Update And Whatnot

Greetings. Just to make note of what I’ve been working on over the (long) weekend:

  • Fixed numerous bugs
  • Did v1.0 of Coach’s Advice
    • Included line breaks in wrapped text also
  • Finished v1.0 of Random Facts
  • Optimised background rendering a bit more
  • Implemented options to skip individual matches, skip until we come across player match, or skip entire tournament
  • Made first attempt at implementing little TV screen
  • etc. etc.

I can’t even remember what else I did, but it was shitloads.

Tonight I’m going to crack on a little bit with the TV idea, fix a couple of bugs, and finish off “championship match advert”. Gotta cram a fair bit in tonight, coz it’s m’lady and myself’s anniversary tomorrow – and she would not appreciate this from me…







It’s all about speed tonight, folks.

One, I need to implement Moving Background v3.0, and two, I need to get it done fast coz it’s a Friday night and I don’t want to ignore m’lady all night.

Should be a quick enough job:

  • Remove the painting of tinted pane between background and foreground
  • Reduce the alpha of the gym logo
  • Get new background in (NYC), and pre-tint it

Job done.



Son Of A Batch!


I managed to figure out a way to batch process images yesterday, which has just shaved about a billion years off this project (I do exaggerate, but manually producing those image sequences was becoming tedious as yer nana), which means that – in the unlikely event that everyone wants an “enhanced” player profile – I should be able to cope with whatever happens…

I completed v2.0 of  Moving Background and instantly I already need to implement v3.0 (which is not to make light of the improvements that v2.0 actually made – using selected areas of a single large background bitmap is way more efficient than the previous method). I realised that the constant painting of an entire tinted pane is not really necessary and is in fact brutally inefficient. Instead, I will be pre-darkening all of the backgrounds and just rendering the gym logo with a slightly reduced alpha.

Should beef the whole thing up.

Aside from that, I have done a few bits on the coach’s advice (although it is by no means finished), and implement the tourney sponsor splash screen. I really should finish the “random facts” part of the app (because, besides its own reasons for existence, it is vital to actually producing viable coach’s advice).

So anyway, rest night for me. Onwards and upwards – just not today 😉





Tonight is all about optimising the moving backgrounds. I’ve been ridiculously inefficient in my first approach – the Samsung S3 is a forgiving beast – but I think I’ve sussed a much more efficient method.

This should also allow much easier ways of switching the background (for various countries, or player status, perhaps), and – if successful – I will be looking to roll this improvement out to the general ‘showImageSequence()’ rendering. Fascinating times.

That’s priority one. The second priority is to implement Coach’s Advice. I will be getting an animated coach (which will be our Ste for now, since I unwittingly got him to volunteer t’other day), who will pop up before your match(es), dispensing sage advice on how to beat the fool opposing you.

Should be a doddle.

Last bit, if I have time (ie. if it’s not 3am already), is to do a tournament sponsor splash screen. Just a quick “sponsored by” pop-up at the start of the tourney. Shouldn’t take too long, if just use a pre-existing sample image. If I need to actually draw my own blag one, that may take a wee while longer.

I could also do with drawing out a few more icons, but I think that would be taking the piss for time.

Right, back to (actual paid) work. Ta ta for now.



Progress, Bitches!


Regard! A visual representation of the progress made over the weekend and last night. Defo taking a break tonight though, my head is getting burned out. I didn’t get to bed until nearly 3am, so I do expect to feel like a George A Romero zombie later.

It’ll all be finished soon, that’s what I keep telling myself. It’ll all be finished soon…



The Going Is Good

Did some quality work over the weekend. I got the moving backgrounds working, fixed a few bugs, and made some progress with the “Coach’s Advice” info pane.

I promised our Ste I would give him a demo tonight, now that I’ve got that HDMI adapter to throw on the big screen telly, but I’m not quite sure I’m happy with it yet. I might postpone til tomorrow or whenever. If it ain’t ready tonight, then I won’t be showing it.

Things I need to fix tonight (amongst other things):

  • Remove bug where multiple championship match advert threads are running
  • Implement coach’s advice screen with moving coach
  • Implement moving player(s)

Things I need to fix in the near future:

  • Implement tournament sponsor splash screen(s)
  • Improve efficiency of rendered moving background
  • Implement movingBackgrounds as a toggle-able boolean
  • Implement method of quickly skipping through tournaments that you attend (to relieve boredom)
  • etc. etc.

So yeah, great progress made but, as always, still plenty to do. Might postpone tonight’s “unveiling” while I remember…



The (Very Long) Home Straight

I summarised my remaining tasks last night, just to get a picture of what’s left to do. I thought it would be good to just cover every base and get a true picture of what I’m facing.

I don’t know if it helped or hindered.




Still, there’s nothing else that needs to be included now, so I can feel confident that as long as I keep chipping away at that list, one task at a time, I will reach the end.

Hopefully before my self-imposed deadline of 21st December 2013.