Is this thing on?

Been a while. Soz.

Since I last wrote I’ve started a new job, got a child on the way, and delved deeply into the Android world. Quite a different outlook right now, not so reluctant at all. In fact, probably too keen – to the dismay of m’lady, who seems rightly annoyed with the time I spend programming at home, at the expense of quality family time. It won’t be forever, I keep telling her…

Anyway, I released a simple GPS app onto the Android Marketplace a few months back, just to dip my toe in the water, as it were. My real project is in the later stages of completion and this is what I’m putting forward to say “This is what I can do!”. It’s my flagship application.

Currently in the process of applying for guidance/funding in getting it finished (it’s a real biggie, and I’m not too proud to admit that I could use some help), so it still remains hush hush, but I guarantee if you’re into MMA – or just like a good fighting game – this will kick your bollocks clean off.

I need to fix a few bits tonight, a couple of little bugs that are annoying me, so I best approach m’lady with my diplomacy hat on. Especially since she’s a tad hormonal lately…




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