Just Thinking…

We’re not top of the food chain anymore.

In centuries past, we made the world bend to the will of man. We were our own master, or at least subordinate to a man who was. There was no higher cause or calling than serving humanity itself. The buck* stopped here.

But we’ve been superseded.

We’ve been knocked off our perch by money itself. The beast has taken on a life of its own, and it has enslaved every one of us (or at least, every one of us in the “free” world – an ugly irony).

Money has become responsible for itself. Men are laying down their lives, or having them taken forcefully, because this out of control cancerous currency demands to continue in its endless circulation. And for what?

With every rotation more and more wealth sticks to the already wealthy, like the fluff around your computer’s cooling fan (compulsory computer reference there). I don’t even think they know why anymore.

If I asked you “Who’s in charge?”, I mean, who is at the very top who controls things? Give me any name you like and I’ll say “No, it’s not them. It’s the Dollar”.

Cue the cheesy music.




* hilarious foreshadowing


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