Hard Graft

Last night was a hard slog. Little reward for plentiful effort, and – even worse – I had to just leave it without certain bugs fixed, as 2am and a cloud of fatigue descended.

This is what I intend to do tonight, and then enjoy a day off tomorrow:

  • Fix a bug with resuming tourney at final, where app thinks it’s actually the 3rd place match it needs to execute, and so runs the final twice
  • Fix a display bug where “global refresh” calls overlap and cause a mess
    • Include two types of refresh (one which always executes, and one which is polite enough to allow currently executing refreshes to just go ahead)
  • Fix calculation bug which is producing daft results of hours, minutes and seconds from an input value of total seconds
  • Implement Championship Matches
  • Make ESF consistent etc. throughout (big task)

If I get some spare time (ha!), I might also:

  • Include 3rd place match in automated tourney readout
  • Do more work on “random stats”
  • Have a go at “Coach’s Advice” in certain situations

I’ve also been looking at putting custom fonts in it. I might use a Greek style typeface for the main font, Arial for all “official” type stuff (like “About”), and some kind of handwriting typeface for things like “sponsored by” etc.

Oh, and I’ve made some plans for incorporating fitness properly into proceedings. May have to include a “Cardio” option in the training menu now…




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