To sleep, perchance to dzzzzz…

Effing tired today. I was working til after 2am again, after a particularly troublesome bug reared its head late on. Things were going quite smoothly before that. Anyway, I couldn’t just leave it like that, so I smashed its head in just after 2.

I managed to get Championship Matches sorted, and the system seems to work quite well (for its first incarnation), although a slight oversight means that the player name that was first added to the first championship match always remains (ie. even players who have just lost the championship match will end up facing the next challenger, instead of the actual champ).

Gonna take a wee break from it all for a little while now. I need to work on funding/presentation etc. very soon, so that will be taking a lot of my focus.

Got some cool stuff happening though. I’m pleased with progress so far, and I’m even more pleased with what’s soon to be done. Gonna go before I waffle on too much.




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