Are you gonna propose?

It’s business plan time tonight. I need to get my head in gear and draw up a business plan for my company, including my two (or three) main projects:

  • Making Tracks GPS
  • GA (details under wraps)
  • BR UK (details under wraps)

GA and BR UK are two very different projects, but they are two really good ideas and – crucially – I have yet to see anyone else produce anything like them.

Hopefully, on their combined strength(s), I might get that investment I need, and then production will go into overdrive.

I do have alternative plans for funding GA separately (a cheeky little Kickstarter project, no less), but that will need a bit of preparation separate to this business plan. I already received a reply about this funding application, so the clock is really ticking in getting this business plan back to them.

While I’m at it tonight, I need to also fix a little bug with Championship Matches. May as well, while my laptop is on…




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