Let’s Kickstart This S**t

Made a load of progress this weekend past, mainly on the more “cool” visual aspects that are needed to catch people’s attention for this Kickstarter project. I’ve now included nationality, and a nice big flag behind the player image on stats/match history screens, and did a number of other important “subtle” improvements.

My next load of work will involve:

  • Skewing the menu screens to the left, to open up the right third of the screen for:
    • Fuller display of next tourney/championship
    • Extra statistics, such as best ranked gyms/countries
  • Implement thread-timed refresh of next tourney/championship, to “build up” interest/excitement
  • De-clutter the stats/match history background
  • Fix a bug where you’re able to challenge yourself through the match history screen
  • Put small country flags next to player names during match announcement
    • Reposition the text lower also, to show more of each face

Further work will include:

  • Implement coach’s advice
    • Get picture(s) taken
    • Position them in infoPane
    • Generate useful advice strings
  • Implement a demo mode
    • Either launched from Advanced Options menu, or kicks in after 1 min inactivity on start screen
    • Cycles through various screens, runs various image sequences, etc.
    • Includes gentle auto-scroll of any long lists (ie. stats, rankings etc.)
    • Breaks out when screen is next touched
  • Finishing off “random facts” in stats screens


Even further work:

  • Implement consistent ESF values
  • Implement Fitness
  • Implement Challenge Matches


So, yeah. That’s me for the next 2 months or so. Things are really starting to shape up now towards the end.

Do not fuck this up.




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