Chipping Away…

… at me. This nagging suspicion that the menu screens are too “static”.

Once I fix this bug with the initial screen refresh of the in game menu, I’m going to get onto:

  • Moving backgrounds
  • Moving players (in stats and match history)
  • Finish Championship Match Advert

And other “non-static” related, but relevant to GUI tasks:

  • Do icons for the buttons (the text can look a bit tacky in certain cases)
  • Do Coach’s Advice screen(s)!
  • Fix a word-wrap bug, and apply word-wrapping where required
  • Implement challenge system
  • Implement new font(s)
  • Implement tourney sponsor “splash screen”
  • etc. etc.

I’m going to try and limit how long I work on stuff tonight. It is supposed to be my (second) night off. And so concludes this painfully boring post. I’ll try and get pictures and whatnot in soon, he says, to absolutely fucking no-one.




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