The Going Is Good

Did some quality work over the weekend. I got the moving backgrounds working, fixed a few bugs, and made some progress with the “Coach’s Advice” info pane.

I promised our Ste I would give him a demo tonight, now that I’ve got that HDMI adapter to throw on the big screen telly, but I’m not quite sure I’m happy with it yet. I might postpone til tomorrow or whenever. If it ain’t ready tonight, then I won’t be showing it.

Things I need to fix tonight (amongst other things):

  • Remove bug where multiple championship match advert threads are running
  • Implement coach’s advice screen with moving coach
  • Implement moving player(s)

Things I need to fix in the near future:

  • Implement tournament sponsor splash screen(s)
  • Improve efficiency of rendered moving background
  • Implement movingBackgrounds as a toggle-able boolean
  • Implement method of quickly skipping through tournaments that you attend (to relieve boredom)
  • etc. etc.

So yeah, great progress made but, as always, still plenty to do. Might postpone tonight’s “unveiling” while I remember…




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