Tonight is all about optimising the moving backgrounds. I’ve been ridiculously inefficient in my first approach – the Samsung S3 is a forgiving beast – but I think I’ve sussed a much more efficient method.

This should also allow much easier ways of switching the background (for various countries, or player status, perhaps), and – if successful – I will be looking to roll this improvement out to the general ‘showImageSequence()’ rendering. Fascinating times.

That’s priority one. The second priority is to implement Coach’s Advice. I will be getting an animated coach (which will be our Ste for now, since I unwittingly got him to volunteer t’other day), who will pop up before your match(es), dispensing sage advice on how to beat the fool opposing you.

Should be a doddle.

Last bit, if I have time (ie. if it’s not 3am already), is to do a tournament sponsor splash screen. Just a quick “sponsored by” pop-up at the start of the tourney. Shouldn’t take too long, if just use a pre-existing sample image. If I need to actually draw my own blag one, that may take a wee while longer.

I could also do with drawing out a few more icons, but I think that would be taking the piss for time.

Right, back to (actual paid) work. Ta ta for now.




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