Son Of A Batch!


I managed to figure out a way to batch process images yesterday, which has just shaved about a billion years off this project (I do exaggerate, but manually producing those image sequences was becoming tedious as yer nana), which means that – in the unlikely event that everyone wants an “enhanced” player profile – I should be able to cope with whatever happens…

I completed v2.0 of  Moving Background and instantly I already need to implement v3.0 (which is not to make light of the improvements that v2.0 actually made – using selected areas of a single large background bitmap is way more efficient than the previous method). I realised that the constant painting of an entire tinted pane is not really necessary and is in fact brutally inefficient. Instead, I will be pre-darkening all of the backgrounds and just rendering the gym logo with a slightly reduced alpha.

Should beef the whole thing up.

Aside from that, I have done a few bits on the coach’s advice (although it is by no means finished), and implement the tourney sponsor splash screen. I really should finish the “random facts” part of the app (because, besides its own reasons for existence, it is vital to actually producing viable coach’s advice).

So anyway, rest night for me. Onwards and upwards – just not today 😉




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