Update And Whatnot

Greetings. Just to make note of what I’ve been working on over the (long) weekend:

  • Fixed numerous bugs
  • Did v1.0 of Coach’s Advice
    • Included line breaks in wrapped text also
  • Finished v1.0 of Random Facts
  • Optimised background rendering a bit more
  • Implemented options to skip individual matches, skip until we come across player match, or skip entire tournament
  • Made first attempt at implementing little TV screen
  • etc. etc.

I can’t even remember what else I did, but it was shitloads.

Tonight I’m going to crack on a little bit with the TV idea, fix a couple of bugs, and finish off “championship match advert”. Gotta cram a fair bit in tonight, coz it’s m’lady and myself’s anniversary tomorrow – and she would not appreciate this from me…





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