Ze Flashing Nodes!


I need to fix an issue regarding the flashing nodes (ze flashing nodes!). It’s been causing some horrible crashes/screen display issues, and I’ve had enough.

Instead of clinging on to this “convenient” method which paints the selected node once in the “node highlighted” colours (and having to pause the moving background refresh, to avoid destroying this single render), I’m going to ditch that in favour of a method which will allow the moving background to continue, and we just have a constant check whenever any node is drawn:

if (flashingNodeName != null && node.getNotes().equals(flashingNodeName)){
    // render this node as “highlighted”
else {
    // render as normal

I also need to figure out a way to rip video from YouTube (with the owner’s permission, of course) and get it into a format that can be used with Windows Movie Maker, so that I can edit an intro together and really get this “presentation worthy” version finished.

Only a few more roadblocks remain. Feeling good.




Short But Sweet

I need to focus on getting this “example video” produced, so my tasks for tonight are:

  • Do a “welcome” screen from the coach
  • Re-instate flashing nodes
  • Do an “introduction to training” screen from the coach

That should cover all that I need for the first little demo vid. Shouldn’t take too long either.

I will be getting this vid recorded and sent off to the relevant parties ASAP.




A Title Escapes Me

Gonna do a few bits tonight, I’m forcing myself. It’s getting tough to motivate myself at the moment.

My planned tasks tonight are:

  • Film and implement belt promotion sequences
    • Including showing the belt tying sequence upon starting/resuming game
  • Tidy up training screen
  • Try to tie up all loose ends with the advert screens/sequences

I think I need to give this video capture stuff a whirl, too. Need to pull me fingeroot!


EDIT: Just tried the vid capture stuff on the Samsung S3 earlier, it works a treat. Good stuff!



Back On It

First day back programming yesterday, having taken a whole week off (unheard of!), and I was just doing a few little bits last night. I limited the text size for “Champ Name vs. Challenger Name” in the main championship poster, and I fixed a bug where it crashed if you tried to edit nodes in explore mode. I did a few other minor improvements to the whole championship match advert, but nothing hugely significant.

My next lot of tasks will include:

  • Tidying up the Training Screen
  • Putting the belt sequences in
  • Putting some finishing touches to the Championship/Tourney posters
  • Tidying up the code in general
  • Putting more user guidance in
  • Re-implementing flashing nodes
  • Implementing Demo Mode

I will also be grabbing some video of the app in action soon, and sending it to relevant parties in order to get a bit of support (moral, if nothing else).

*sigh* I’m tired today. Gotta get my arse back in the gym again tonight though. Looking forward to it 🙂



A Tad Deflated


Back in the gym last night. I showed a few lads the app after training (not just out of the blue, they did ask), and they seemed decidedly underwhelmed.

Partly because my explanation/presentation skills are woeful, and partly because without the image sequences people – even grapplers – struggle to make the leap into visualising the possibliities, I think this app will take a while for its positives to trickle through, as opposed to it having an immediate impact.

I got sick of the sound of my own voice by the time I’d finished demonstrating.

Anyway, still gonna keep at it. So nerrrrr.



Worst. Meal. Ever.


Wow, it was bad last night. We went to [restaurant’s name withheld] for a little anniversary celebration and it was Fawlty Towers, without the laughs.

They totally forgot to even bring my starter – the look of surprise on the lad’s face as he puts my fucking main course down on the table, and then m’lady asks where my starter was… – and the main course itself? Seriously, I’m a shit cook but I could have fed myself better. I’m pretty sure the chicken that our little one ordered was just a frozen breast from Aldi. Absolutely shocking, and this place came on numerous recommendations! Madness.

With regards to programming and all that jazz, I’ve got a few bits I need to work on tonight (and probably over the weekend), and I shall be posting screenshots as appropriate.

Watch this space. Please.



Day Off


Yes, m’lady and I are celebrating our second anniversary, so no computer wizardry for me tonight, but let’s not let that stop me from furnishing you with some info, my make-believe following…

I’ve got a little mini TV screen in the main menu now, displaying adverts for the next tournament – and also able to show move sequences. It looks furrrrcking good. Screenshots will be coming soon!

Once my paranoia subsides.

The next few things I’ll be doing includes:

  • “Proper” intro vid
  • Film and include belt sequences
  • Implement big screen TV
  • Put belt rank selection buttons into rankings screen
  • Finish off Championship and Tournament adverts!

I do seem to be keeping up a good pace here. I should be filming that Kickstarter video before long!