Back On It

First day back programming yesterday, having taken a whole week off (unheard of!), and I was just doing a few little bits last night. I limited the text size for “Champ Name vs. Challenger Name” in the main championship poster, and I fixed a bug where it crashed if you tried to edit nodes in explore mode. I did a few other minor improvements to the whole championship match advert, but nothing hugely significant.

My next lot of tasks will include:

  • Tidying up the Training Screen
  • Putting the belt sequences in
  • Putting some finishing touches to the Championship/Tourney posters
  • Tidying up the code in general
  • Putting more user guidance in
  • Re-implementing flashing nodes
  • Implementing Demo Mode

I will also be grabbing some video of the app in action soon, and sending it to relevant parties in order to get a bit of support (moral, if nothing else).

*sigh* I’m tired today. Gotta get my arse back in the gym again tonight though. Looking forward to it 🙂




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