Ze Flashing Nodes!


I need to fix an issue regarding the flashing nodes (ze flashing nodes!). It’s been causing some horrible crashes/screen display issues, and I’ve had enough.

Instead of clinging on to this “convenient” method which paints the selected node once in the “node highlighted” colours (and having to pause the moving background refresh, to avoid destroying this single render), I’m going to ditch that in favour of a method which will allow the moving background to continue, and we just have a constant check whenever any node is drawn:

if (flashingNodeName != null && node.getNotes().equals(flashingNodeName)){
    // render this node as “highlighted”
else {
    // render as normal

I also need to figure out a way to rip video from YouTube (with the owner’s permission, of course) and get it into a format that can be used with Windows Movie Maker, so that I can edit an intro together and really get this “presentation worthy” version finished.

Only a few more roadblocks remain. Feeling good.




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