Choices Choices Choices


Been working a fair bit on getting the Option Map™ completed lately. The screenshot above is from the “explore mode”, where you are able to browse through all positions and outcomes unhindered, and this also serves as the actual editor for designing and implementing the choices that will be available to the player.

I only have a few remaining positions/options to iron out and then I will be signing off on my v1.0 Option Map – which will no doubt be met with a torrent of abuse because I have forgotten such and such a move, or that the techniques I have included are not fully legit, etc.

Fuck off.

Anyway, with funding options seemingly out of reach, it seems like I will be going it alone (financially). Hence the push to finish the Option Map so that I can properly start planning the filming of techniques. I suppose it was always going to be this way, but I guess the “ideal dream” of copious funds and time has kept me going this long anyway.

Once the Option Map is done, I will be looking to make solid plans to bring this project to a close.




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