Bug Hunt



On Thursday I shall be mostly fixing the following bugs:

  • When looking at any rankings above White Belt, if you do a null press on the screen, the background graphic and title switch back to White Belt, but still displays the other rank
  • Clicking during belt-tying sequence should consume the click, or stop the sequence
  • Immediately resting in a match where you have full energy reduces your energy to the maximum recovery limit
    • Include a test to see if you’re already below that limit, before imposing this limit in the rest phase
  • Still get blank screen crashes when entering Explore Mode, probably to do with a null exploreModePosition
    • Need to actually catch this in debug mode


Other required work, at some point, includes:

  • Implement challenge matches
  • Make ESF consistent
  • Complete option map
    • Get percentages, energy requirements, linked skills, etc. sorted
  • Implement guided roll
  • Re-shoot belt-tying sequences
    • With better background, clothes, and without my cockle-toe being so prominent
  • Countering
    • Rather than being a flat percentage, your chances of attempting a counter should increase proportionally to your skill
  • Competitive matches should improve you like rolling

That will do for now. Be off with you!




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