Programming Post Mortem

Last night didn’t exactly go to plan. Here’s a summary of what I “accomplished”:

  • Implemented “three taps quits”
    • Although I still need to apply an actual “submission” to competition and rolling etc.
  • Tried in vain the prevent a “residual screen press” being executed when you touch the screen during belt sequence rendering
    • Experiment with ignoreResidualPresses boolean which, when active, completely negates the onTouchListener
      • NOTE: This will need to have its own internal thread which counts down maybe 100-200ms before resetting the boolean
  • Fixed the “null press causing belt colour to change” bug

Didn’t get round to fixing the player energy bug, or recreating the explore mode position bug. Might plan a quick session for tomorrow morning…

    • Implement ignoreResidualPresses
    • Fix player energy bug
    • Implement guided roll
      • Need to choose opponent and start position, skipping dialog
      • Rather than completely guide the player, we need to let them choose, and then we respond to the following first occurrences of:
        • Successful move by the player
        • Failed move by the player
        • Successful move against the player
        • Failed move against the player
        • Initiative move occurrence (for either player)
        • Counter opportunity (for either player)
        • Need to also explain counter failure, and how the initial move continues successfully
        • Chain move (for either player)
        • Chain fail (for either player)
        • Resting
        • Attempting to rest in a pre-submission position
        • Choosing not to counter

Some other stuff I need to make note of:

  • Maybe change central node text to “Rest” etc. upon holdDownEvent
  • Perhaps include energy requirement, inherent percentage etc. into display upon holdDownEvent
  • Have a think about updating the PC-based option map editor so that we can speedily apply all the attributes to each node

That should do for now.




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