Loads Of Stuff

Okay, last night I managed to get a few of those “landmark events” coach’s advice screens to pop up (first successful player move etc. during rolling). I will be continuing this tonight.

I may disallow all the other training nodes until the first roll has been completed.

I must remember to include all of these new booleans in the saveGameStatus() and loadGameStatus() methods.

I need to also Include some of this user guidance for General Training, Specific Training and Explore Mode. General Training and Explore Mode will just be a pretty simple one-off explanation screen, but I could do with adding a little extra guidance into the Specific Training screen (literally enforce a particular submission choice, then flash each node along the pathway, then explain that you got to that submission etc. and then get the user to attempt the next two without the guidance).

In keeping with all of this, I will also have to do info screens for “too early to attempt your first tournament”, “time to attempt your first tournament”, first victory, first loss etc.

I will also be adding, or continuing to add, the following cool new features:

  • When a null press is active during matchInProgress
    • Central node text will change to “Rest”, “Maintain”, “Do Not Counter”, or the node’s actual percentage etc. (if it is a chain move)
    • A new thread will start (and execute until !nullPressActive) which periodically cycles through all of that node’s relevant info
      • Percentage
      • Energy Required
      • etc.
  • In debug mode, when browsing the list of skills in the stats screen, readout which node these positions are attached to!
  • Give the user skill improvements when competing too, not just rolling

Keeping aware of some other remaining big tasks:

  • Consistent ESF
    • Between matches
    • After tournament
    • Need to do a study of all the requirements/current shortcomings
  • Implement resuming mid-match!
  • Film the sequences!
  • Re-film the belt sequences
  • Finish off the “inner details” of the Option Map

Niggling stuff:

  • Enforce a standard font across all devices?
  • Occasional rendering speed issues
  • Permission to use certain images, music etc.

Future Stuff:

  • Online play
  • Social Media linking
  • Expandable option maps

I think that about covers it for one day. Bye for now!




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