Current State Of Affairs

Right, I’ve done a fair bit of stuff, bug fixing and improving (and I’m particularly happy with the Coach’s Advice guidance for first time players). Here’s a little list of (some of) the stuff I have left to do:

Short Term

  • Invalidate Rankings button until firstRollCompleted
  • if (chainMoveInProgress) we need to ignore setting coach’s advice based on success/failure of a move
    • Essentially, the move is still in play, and it’s the next choice that needs to be tested for success
    • May need to think about chain fails!
  • Stop making inactive nodes flash
  • Do coach’s advice for:
    • First match completed
      • Mention if won or not
    • First win (if first match not won)
    • First loss (if first match not lost)
    • Do analogous advice for Tourneys and Championships
    • When it’s time for your first competition
    • When you get challenged by another player
    • When a sponsor is interested in sponsoring you
    • When you break certain records etc.
    • General Training
    • Specific Training
    • Explore Mode
  • Display Skill Improvements
    • Re-use much of the current improvement screen code
    • Use the static tourney background
    • Create new menu ID (COMPETITION_IMPROVEMENTS_SCREEN) and menu nodes

Medium Term

  • Challenge Matches
  • Consistent ESF
  • All players improve after rolls or competition
    • Implement successfulMoves as a HashMap<String, HashMap<int, double>> where improvements are saved against the player’s name
  • Other ranks competing
    • Cycles through belt ranks on a two-weekly basis, allowing one tournament and one championship for each
  • Finalise Option Map v1.0

Long Term

  • Trophy Cabinet
  • Standard Font
  • Acknowledgements/Permissions to use various images/sounds
  • Film sequences
  • Proper photo/profiles of players?

Very Long Term

  • Online play
  • v2.0 with limb/joint based intelligent selection
  • Not just on mobile devices?

I think that will do for now. Gotta go.




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