Just Checking In…

I’ve done a ton of decent work since I last wrote. Here’s a quick summary of what I can think of, off the top of my head:

  • Fully implemented “all players improve”, during rolls or competition
    • So you get different players being promoted after tourneys, from time to time
  • Added an improvements summary page post-match or post-tournament
  • Implemented “rankCompetingThisFortnight”, meaning that all the belts have their turn to compete on a rolling fortnightly basis
  • Now auto-shuffles all “not yet competed” players to the bottom of the rankings
  • etc.

I can’t even think of what else, but I know I’ve done a lot. Gonna work on removing a few bugs this weekend, and hopefully come back with a fuller update of the app’s state.

Very tired. Our little bundle of mayhem kept me awake til all hours last night. I’m off!




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