Busy Little Bee


Yes, Joachin, I’ve been hard at work this past week or so, doing a lot of improvements, fixing lots of bugs, and generally making the app awesome as fuck.


Forgive my failure to write in Latin, but here is a quick summary of the more notable development landmarks I’ve passed lately (with some repetition from earlier posts, but so what):

  • All players improve with each roll or competitive match
  • All players can be promoted
    • Displays list of promoted players at end of each tourney/championship
  • Implemented a minimum number of players (20) in each randomly generated division
  • Implemented challenge matches
    • Including a ton of logic to make sure you don’t have duplicate matches, can’t challenge outside your belt rank, can’t directly challenge the champion etc.
  • Done a ton of “coach’s advice” guidance to the first time player
    • Still got a lot to go, but it’s getting there
  • Done lots of nice flags for each country
  • Fixed bug which displayed the wrong belt rank once you started clicking through match history to players you’ve competed against at a different belt level


Here’s a few bits I would like to accomplish in the next month or so:

  • Allow the player to choose their nationality at the start
  • Have some indication that a player is a champion on their stats/match history profile
  • Improve the initial tournament screen for Championship Events
    • Showing the championship in bigger font at the top
    • And the challenge matches in small font, two-to-a-row, underneath
  • Improve the display of Championship Events results
    • Include proper headers (“Championship Match”, “Challenge Matches” etc.)
  • Fix the bugs in manually running a challenge match
  • Implement the probability-driven additions of challenge matches each day, until full
  • Implement the probability-driven improvement of random players each day
  • Implement the red-button on the TV
    • Show the currently scheduled matches for the Championship Event
    • Implement a similarly pre-planned tournamentCompetitors.txt file for a regular tourney so that we can also preview who is competing
      • Leave the last slot blank for P1, in case he chooses to play – else this gets filled at the last minute by a random


Slightly more long term:

  • Fix ESF bug, which applies updated ESF to P1, even if he didn’t compete
  • Implement consistent ESF values, including fitness etc.
  • Re-shoot belt sequences
  • Film move sequences
  • Sort out all permissions
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Imagery
  • Allow app-based image sequences to also use sound
  • Player profiles/images!
  • Trophy Cabinet
    • Or, more likely, an “achievements screen”, with one half of the screen all the trophies (greyed out, if you’ve yet to achieve them, and on the right of the screen images and names of all the current champions at each belt rank
  • Implement some sort of “review” of each tournament, possibly to be shown on the TV on a monday?


That should do it for now, folks. I’m off to try it on with my sister, and stab Russell Crowe under the armpit…




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