Don’t Forget…

  • Alter percentage displays to only show whole numbers [quick fix]
    • Removes the weird artifacts that you get, ie. 28.0000004%
  • Make skills on Stats Screen clickable, so that you see the move sequence executed
  • Improve the Challenge Match process to show the actual player you’ve challenge replying, in certain situations
  • Maybe have the flags constantly waving?
  • Make detailed plan about shooting these move sequences
  • Implement actual player sponsors
    • Have a node in the top right of the main menu, to the left of the “change gym” node
    • The icon of this node will be the sponsor’s logo
      • Or just “Sponsor” in text, if you don’t have one yet
    • Upon clicking, the user will either:
      • Be shown a coach’s advice that “When a Sponsor is interested in you, their details will be available via this button”
      • Be shown the details (on a new Menu Screen) of your current sponsor, how much you get per week and when the deal runs out/is up for review
        • With their current opinion of your form/performance, if you’re competing enough, etc.
        • With an option to cancel (and a yes/no confirm option)?
      • Be shown a list of interested parties (on another new Menu Screen), with their offers on the table, and nodes next to them in order to accept
        • With a yes/no confirm option popping up
  • Really need to get in touch with the owners of the intro sequence footage
  • Need to decide what to do about the music etc.
  • Make a list of all the “external” images/audio that has been used
    • Obtain permission, where required
    • Organise some acknowledgements in the game itself
  • Implement general acknowledgements Menu Screen


That should do for now.




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