It’s The Final Countdowwwwwwn…


There it is, my little roadmap to success (at least in terms of completing the app anyway). Doesn’t seem like much now, compared to the mountain before me when I first started. Mind you, I had no idea the whole thing would take this long, expand so much, and become quite as much of a ball-ache as it has.

I still woulda done it though 😉

I’d estimate that, for each of the rectangular nodes in that diagram (excluding the big ones like shooting the sequences and putting the final details into the option map), there’s four hours per task. So, including the larger tasks (which are more like full 8 hour days), my shoddy estimate is around 84 hours.

Removing 16 hours from that, for the specific days that must be planned/organised, that’s 68 hours and, assuming that I work 4 hours for every day I do a bit of work on it, that comes out as 17 days work. Bearing in mind that I can only realistically do 2-3 days a week – and still maintain functioning family life – that means optimistically that I have around 8 1/2 weeks actual programming/development work left.

I fucking wish!




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