Task List

  • ESF
    • Store ESF in player files
      • Or [player name]_esf.txt
    • Make fitness a factor in:
      • How much you are able to recover per rest
      • How much energy you ACTUALLY lose per move
      • Max. recovery limit
    • Introduce a cardio session to improve fitness?
      • And lose weight (if that is implemented)?
    • Confirm that sharpness is a factor in move success
    • When clicking on player profile:

    if (!humanPlayer && esfHashMap.get(playerName) == null && firstSundayFound){
        // NOTE: Once we pushDayForward() we clear the esfHashMap
        – get each ESF value and slightly vary it
        – save back into file
        – save into esfHashMap

  • Sponsors Screen
    • Set node icon as rashguard with company logo on it
    • Put sponsor logo on shorts
    • Put this rashguard in large on the actual sponsors screen
    • Put some company info (Name, what they do, and a quick bit of feedback on your performance)
    • Put how long left on contract, and how much sponsorship per week
    • When money goes in, show it as a delayed anim on main screen, where old value becomes new value, and “+£50” (or whatever) floats up and fades (accompanied by a cash register sound)
    • Need to do the logic which decides if you get a sponsors offer or not
    • Need to design the screen in which you get to choose between potentially multiple sponsor offers
  • Achievements Screen
    • Put championship trophies in
    • Put player flag and gym logo in
  • Stats Screen
    • Click on each move in list to see example of that move/skill
    • Show “special skills” in diff. colour text
      • May have to include “special skills” into player file? (THINK ABOUT THIS)
  • Coach’s Advice
    • Null press
    • Sit out the first tourney
    • BUGS:
      • Seems to wait until next match to say “congrats on your first submission” if your first submission is in competition
      • Have a look at how points scoring moves are handled
      • Advice mentioned something about resting in certain positions doesn’t afford energy recovery, but I was in side control bottom
      • I saw advice about 100% moves shown TWICE
  • Challenge Matches
    • Put in logic which decides yes or no to a legit challenge
    • Allow challenge matches of any (matching) belt rank to happen at any Championship
    • Show the actual player’s image in infoPane when accepting/rejecting match
  • General Bugs
    • A counter, during a match, incorrectly re-highlighted as “COUNTER: [move name]”
    • Should not show P2 energy requirements if nullPressActive
    • Incorrectly refreshing (and rendering choices) due to null presses (after a move has already been executed, and something has been read out, for example)
  • Date Issues
    • Third place match has wrong date if automated tourney
    • Some matches are recorded in one player file with the correct date, and in the opponent’s file with the WRONG date. How?
  • Player Promotions
    • Make bottom player of new belt rank retire
    • Introduce a new white belt
    • Notify player of both of these incidents in the Players Promoted screen
  • Nationalities
    • Decide nationality first, when generating a player
    • Pick their names from REALISTIC nationality-based files
    • Put some more nationalities in?
      • Russia
      • China
      • India
      • Thailand
      • Spain
      • Poland
      • South Africa
    • Put flags next to country names in the nationality chooser
  • Info Panes
    • Implement a yes/no infoPane
    • Implement an OK/Do Not Show Again infoPane, to stop showing advice
      • Implement an option to re-show all advice infoPanes (maybe a “?” icon on the main screen?)
    • Extend to allow Drawable to be passed in and rendered centrally
  • Red Button
    • Implement basic red button menu
      • Will need a new control boolean “redButtonMenuActive”
      • Menu options
        • Watch previous matches
        • Watch instructionals?
          • Just by watching an instructional, your skill slightly improves?
        • Preview upcoming competitions
  • New Game
    • Disallow double-clicking on New Game nodes
    • Auto-capitalise first letters of each word/name
    • Disallow numbers
  • Sound FX
    • Crowd anticipation/excitement
      • When close to a submission etc.
    • Crowd disappointment
      • When move failed etc.
    • Perhaps some logic to decide who is the crowd favourite, and then tailor responses accordingly
  • General
    • Implement resuming mid-match
    • Render coloured squares after/before match in match history, to indicate at which belt level the match took place
    • At blue belt, allow player to pick 3 GYM-SPECIFIC “special moves”
      • You only get to pick moves from a limited choice available at each gym
      • You don’t have to pick all three at once
        • You could basically gym-hop to get three different ones from different gyms
          • Although there should be some minimum time requirement for you to qualify at each gym (maybe 3 months)


That should do for now. Plenty to get my teeth into.



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