Complete Task List

Update this, as appropriate, until project 1.0 is finished.

  • Sponsors Screen
    • Need to do the logic which decides if you get a sponsors offer or not
  • AI
    • As ranks go up, AI improves
    • Implement PATHWAYS to target submissions/point-scoring positions
    • Record relevant TRANSITION nodes into a HashMap<Integer, Integer>, where first integer is the nodeID, and the second Integer is the “rank” of the move
        When calculating next move, scan all nodes…

      • if (aiHashMap.get(moveID) != null){
        if (aiHashMap.get(moveID) <= highestRankingNodeID){
        highestRankingNodeID = aiHashMap.get(moveID);
      • At the end of this, we randomly pick from the equally valid nodes, or we skew the decision based on the relative percentage skills of the eventual target nodes?
  • Coach’s Advice
    • Sit out the first tourney
    • First time you can choose special skill
    • Think about when to introduce “swipe to skip”, “3 taps quits” and “null press”
    • If you get smashed by a higher belt, advise that – although it’s good to roll with better fighters – you should train with a lesser rank than this particular one for now
    • If you get smashed by someone at your own belt rank, advise to pick a different guy with lesser skill, or take more of a rest between training sessions
    • BUGS:
      • Seems to wait until next match to say “congrats on your first submission” if your first submission is in competition
      • Have a look at how points scoring moves are handled
      • Advice mentioned something about resting in certain positions doesn’t afford energy recovery, but I was in side control bottom
      • I saw advice about 100% moves shown TWICE
  • Player Promotions
    • Fix a couple of known bugs
  • Nationalities
    • Put some more nationalities in?
      • Russia
      • China
      • India
      • Thailand
      • Spain
      • Poland
      • South Africa
    • Put flags next to country names in the nationality chooser?
  • Info Panes
    • Implement a yes/no infoPane
    • Implement an OK/Do Not Show Again infoPane, to stop showing advice
  • General
    • Stats
      • Produce graphs of ranking performance over time for ANY player
      • Include “time trained” for each player (slightly randomised for CPU players)
        • Keep track of actual age of CPU players, so we can use this as another method of retirement (otherwise, we only have bad players retire, with poor records)
  • New Game
    • Disallow double-clicking on New Game nodes
    • Auto-capitalise first letters of each word/name
    • Disallow numbers
  • Sound FX
    • Crowd anticipation/excitement
      • When close to a submission etc.
    • Crowd disappointment
      • When move failed etc.
    • Perhaps some logic to decide who is the crowd favourite, and then tailor responses accordingly
  • Character Graphics
    • Need to have a rethink about this
  •  General Bugs
    • Incorrectly refreshing (and rendering choices) due to null presses (after a move has already been executed, and something has been read out, for example)
    • Figure out correct actual day when player starts game, and handle that accordingly
      • Perhaps running a whole load of tournaments beforehand will make this easier?




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