v0.1 Completed

So, v0.1 is in the bag. I am very pleased with the level of progress I’ve made in the last year, so many excellent features, and it really is playable right now.

The level of depth is extremely high, and it will only get deeper.

Yes, of course, I’m already making lists of what needs to be done to improve it, and there are a number of existing bugs that still remain (for now), but I’m well on my way to conquering them. It’s all well in hand.

That’s me done for 2013, though. I won’t be resuming any programming until next year, and I’m looking forward to the break from it to be honest.

Definitely gonna come back with a vengeance though, and I will be tackling the following issues amongst my first tasks:

  • Implement displayDebugOnScreen variable
    • Which, when active, displays the following variables’ states on-screen, in semi-opaque font
      • renderDisplayInProgress, renderImageInProgress, infoPaneVisible, etc.
  • Fix crash on player stats screen (already caught cause in debug)
  • Make a start on the character templates
  • Look into implementing continuously moving backgrounds

And that’s all for 2013, folks. Bye!



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