Plodding On

Right, just to outline a few plans for tonight (maybe) and tomorrow morning (probably).

I will be fixing a few bugs from the improvements I made last night (having wasted about 5 hours trying to get my fucking phone working with Eclipse after the bastard update to Android 4.3 – but that’s another story), and doing a little bit of work in getting some “standard” face images gathered and “normalised”.

I have been looking in a bit more detail at colour swapping, and I will be creating a new Intent, launched by one of the debug test buttons, which I will use to get the red/blue swap working. In fact, to speed up installation time, I will implement this as a separate Android app…

I will also soon be thinking about breaking up the “God class” into smaller, more manageable chunks. I think I’m putting my laptop through hell as it checks 35,000+ lines of code for consistency each time I make a change. Need to think about which bits can be separated out…

I’ve also made a few inroads with organising the move sequence filming. I have a location sorted (my mate Jon’s recording studio), and today I bought a couple of all over body suits (one blue and the other red) and a steadicam unit that fits smart phones. Still need to purchase a few bits, and figure out who my demonstration partner is going to be, but it’s all progress.

Feels like a big ol’ mountain to climb, but I will get there one day soon.




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