Dare To Fail

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I will also need to film the “fail outcomes” of certain moves (which raises the total number of sequences required to 471, at the last count), which instantly raised a few problems with the logistics of how to do this.

For all the other node types where move sequences are valid, it is acceptable to just associate the sequence directly to the unique nodeID.

However, with a fail node, you can have multiple positions to potentially fail into. It is not valid to associate any fail sequence to the resultant position node, since there is always multiple entry points to that move – and, besides, position nodes do not have sequences.

So, the proposed solution is as follows:



User selects “Film Sequence” and then selects the fail node…

    if (noOfOutcomes == 0){
        filmSequence(failNodeID + “.” + positionID + “-“);
    else {
        // render fail node centrally, making use of “selecting fail outcome” boolean, then capturing the selected positionID and making the String for “filmSequence(…)”

Executing Fail Outcome

App randomly chooses the position to fail into.

String for showImageSequence created in same way as before.


So that’s a really basic overview. I will also include some more bits, like rendering a little count of how many positions are associated to a fail node on the positions node in the edit screen, etc. And there I shall leave it for now.




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