Steady! We’re Nearly There!

I got through a fair amount of quality work last night. Managed to box off the “filming fail sequences” issues entirely, fixed a couple of minor bugs/observations, and implemented the very basic structure of the “red button” menu on the in game TV.

My next plan of action is purposely designed to make a visual impact on the “tasks remaining” diagram, attempting to score a few “big kills” to give myself a little boost and show that I’m still keeping pace. The five tasks I’ve chosen are:

  • Implement mid-match resume
  • Finish off Challenge Match logic and GUI
  • Put backup/restore buttons in Options Menu
  • Finish off ESF stuff
    • Plug fitness into game logic
    • Put cardio sesh into training
  • Do more work on promotions
    • Enforce retirement of lowest ranked player in new belt rank
      • Implement RETIREMENTS_SCREEN menu screen
    • Quietly just include new player at previous belt rank, no announcements or fanfare


I also have a couple of immediate alterations to make to the Red Button code I implemented last night:

  • Move the call of renderRedButtonMenuScreen() to INSIDE renderMenuScreen(), to remove the flicker that occurs due to painting the background menu screen and THEN painting the red button menu after a tiny delay
  • Make sure we restart the moving background with each click



Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, my Steadicam and smartphone adapter arrived yesterday, complete with a couple of complimentary bags of Haribo (nice touch there, chaps), as well as one of those all over body suits – which, as a “large” is suitable for something like 6’4″ people. May need to order a new set… But anyway, I’m getting the ball rolling on this sequence-filming malarkey.

Would it be too ambitious to hope for a finish in less than 6 months?

Anyway, that seems like a decent enough post for now. Do one!




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