Progress Update











Just a quick visual on how things are going. Not too bad, really.

I ploughed through another chunk of work last night, a brief summary of which is as follows:

  • Fixed bugs in the red button menu
  • Included readout of upcoming event competitors in red button menu
  • Implemented challenge match accept/reject logic
  • Included player image in info pane to accept match
  • Implemented mid-match resume
  • Put backup/restore nodes in options menu
  • Did a little bit more on promotions

I’ve made a note of some bugs and further work required (no need to waffle on about that here), but I’m still very happy with the current state of affairs. Hopefully I’ll get a fair bit done over the weekend too.

With regards to shooting the move sequences, big things have been happening. Yesterday I sorted out who will be assisting me as “the red guy” in the move sequences, and I also ordered new grey puzzle mats (20 of) and £150 worth of studio lights/backdrop. The only remaining issues are: booking the studio date(s), getting the correct size body suits, getting an industrial fan (or two – those lights will be hot) and getting the shorts/t-shirts to go over the bodysuits.

Good times.




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