Further Progress


Over the weekend I fully sorted the Challenge Match stuff, fixed all the issues with filming Fail Outcomes (bringing the grand total of required move sequences – including valid Fail Outcomes – to 507), did a little bit more on promotions/retirements, fixed some issues with “skip to match” etc., fixed some issues with resuming mid-roll, fixed the issue with the “missing” improvements during a roll, fixed issue with missing improvements after Specific Submission training, and probably a number of other minor fixes too.

Quite pleased with all that.

My focus this week, in priority order, will be:

  • Fully implement the retirement process
  • Complete the promotion process, and quietly include a new competitor in the rank that the promoted player has just left
  • Finish off ESF
    • Implement Cardio Session
    • Plug Fitness into logic
  • Start implementing AI logic
  • Finish off Sponsorship logic

There. That will take me to within an inch of seeing the finish post. Fucking get in.




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