Fitness And Retirement

No, I’m not contemplating the latter years of my life already, I’m just listing the two big things that I implemented last night. Here’s some updated pics of my progress diagrams.



Not long now, nearly there. I’ve highlighted four of the key elements in yellow, on that lower photo, because I believe they are the biggest issues remaining for the completion/success of this project, and they are:

  • Character Images
  • Image Sequences
  • Option Map
  • Code Cleanup

To be fair, the last one is largely irrelevant to anyone who can’t see “behind the scenes” (ie. only I will ever give a shit about that), but still, it does kinda grate on me a bit. I must have tidy code!

I think the next issues I will be looking to clean up from those diagrams are:

  • Finish off the Sponsors logic
  • Completely wrap up Option Map v1.0
  • Implement AI

So yes, I am marching on towards the end now (God, I do sound like I’m approaching my twilight years), and I’m looking forward to finishing my masterpiece. Oooooosh!




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