Oooooh Betty!


Got my set of studio lights last night and, like a fucking idiot, loaded one of the bulbs into the head in such a way that it was spring loaded (I didn’t lock the umbrella in place) so that, when I came to remove it, it fired out and smashed on the table. Fucking idiot.

Anyway, I now know that you lock everything in place before you put the bulb in, and I’ve ordered two replacements (at £10.99 each) so that I’ve got cover if I do anything else monumentally stupid.

As for coding work, I feel like I need to do a bit tonight. I will be making improvements to the Option Map whilst in work (and I hope to have all the linked skills stuff sewn up before I go home), and tonight I will be looking at:

  • Clearing some bugs!
  • Making adjustments to Fitness/Sharpness
  • Including player’s record in Retirement/Promotion screens
  • Do stage one of AI (creating the AI pathways HashMap)

Feel a bit frustrated today, I don’t know why.

EDIT: No, actually, I won’t do any work tonight. I’ll just do a little bit on the Option Map in my spare time throughout the day. I’ve just completed all the Linked Skills stuff (no more “orphan skills”), and I’m now in the process of going through and setting all the “inherent percentages”. A key point is that I am making transitions into pre-submissions more difficult to execute than the submissions themselves, once you’ve done the hard work to set them up. So yeah, I can tolerate a couple of bugs and some bad fitness/sharpness logic for one more night – I reckon my time would be better spent with m’lady.




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