Another Visual Progress Update





Just to update what has changed from “the big list” ages ago. It actually looks like there’s a ton left to do, but it’s not so bad. Most of the stuff on there is partially, or almost totally done, but unless they are 100% complete I can’t justify “green-striping” them.

I’ve already got my tasks for tonight, as outlined in the previous post, but I would also emphasise some important changes I need to do with regards to the Option Map (and its completion). I am going to make a couple of changes to how its displayed in Explore Mode, to better aid filling in the required data, and I will bolt a few more bits onto the Unit Tests – to make sure the Option Map retains its integrity during the changes, and also to pinpoint what needs doing next (and how far away I am from finishing).

I’ve got a meeting penciled in this weekend with the guy I want to help out with the image sequences, so the work I do tonight will be to make sure that – when I demonstrate this thing to him – he’s completely on the same wavelength as me.

Might have the sequences done soon! Exciting! Oh, and here’s me in one of the body suits we’ll be using (with shorts and a t-shirt over it, naturally…) Enjoy!





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