Last Night’s Shennanigans


Right, quick update on what I did last night:

  • Fixed the bug where you get repeated retirements if you repeatedly “back” exit on Retired Players screen and then reload game
  • Fixed NullPointerError crash within “addNameToPlayersToPromote()” which came from getting a random player to improve during daily general training who was actually RETIRED, so his belt rank came back as -1 when attempting to get it from the ranks etc.
  • Tidied up a lot of Option Map stuff and put in some improved Unit Tests (so I know how much work is left to do on the Option Map)
  • Initially implemented “All Retired Players” screen, just for completeness
    • Still need to work on this: Add their records and belt ranks, and make name clickable?
  • Did more work on AI
    • Worked in identifying top skill
    • Made initial attempt at recursively populating aiHashMap
  • Fixed the Fitness/Sharpness issues

That about covers it. As a result of things that I may or may not have broken during the above “improvements”, my next set of tasks is as follows:

  • Bug Fixing
    • Identify and fix the issue where you enter a tourney at full energy, but start your match at someone else’s reduced energy level
    • Identify and fix the issue where successfulMoves HashMap seems to apply multiple times if you skip some matches and play others
    • Fix the crash that occurs on RETIRED_PLAYERS screen
      • It’s been caught and saved in a screengrab
  • Do more work on AI
    • Choose ONE targetSkill
      • First, search through Special Skills
        • If (special skills exist && any of them submit, score points or lead to position that scores points) – then add them into a skillChoiceVector which will be randomly chosen from shortly
      • Get best skill from player skill file
        • If not already in skillChoiceVector, add it
      • Now, randomly select the targetSkill from the skillChoiceVector
    • With the targetSkill chosen, randomly choose between 1-3 actual nodes to use as gameplan nodes
      • Save these on file in the same way as Special Skills (null where required)
    • Every time defineGameplanPathways() is called, give each player a 5% chance that they will recalculate targetSkill and gameplan nodes, otherwise we just RELOAD GAMEPLAN NODES FROM FILE
    • Attempt to populate the aiHashMap for a player, and just read out the contents of it once complete
    • Think about implementing “standard plans” for players
      • Pull half guard, sweep
      • Jump guard, submit
      • Takedown, pass
      • etc.
  • Need coach’s advice screens to pop up immediately at the start of each first instance of training type, explaining the pros and cons of each session

Oh, and here’s a couple of things picked out from the “big list” that are annoyances I would like to clear up soon:

  • Get ACTUAL start day, and figure out what impact that will have
  • Run tourneys & championships BEFORE player starts
  • Do all node icons
  • Implement Demo Mode
  • Do graphs of progress
  • Put version number into Option Map (to allow updates etc.)

I think that’ll dooooooo. Gonna try and sneak some work in tomorrow morning, and then it’s taking the kids to the Blue Planet Aquarium on Sunday. Good times 🙂




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