A Moving Introduction…

I’ve implemented the first attempt at a Tournament Intro sequence, and – even in such an unfinished state – it’s bloody good.

It has:

  • Moving background, sorta mustard and crimson colours, with stars
  • Quickly flies in player image and text, from opposite directions, and slows down momentarily for dramatic effect
  • Has its own music
  • Is due to have a LOT of enhancements done to it…

I will try to post up a little video of it when v1.0 (of the Tournament Intro, not the entire app) is done.

Apart from that, I did a fair bit of work last night. Fixed a few bugs, prevented the ability to challenge retired players, made the belt image in the background refresh at the correct time, and loads more that I can’t remember because I left my notes at home.

Having a night off tonight, and then I’ll do a bit more work on these Tourney Intro sequences on Wednesday. I will also be looking at getting AI off the ground.

EDIT: Just done a few new tunes for the app: Some tournament/championship intro backing themes, a new intro theme (to dodge any required royalties from Apollo 440), and I found another piece I did which is pacy enough to use as the background music for the conditioning sessions. Might have to bounce them down to .mp3 to make them more space efficient, but I’ll include them as is, for now, on Wednesday.




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