Bugs, Badges And Logos

Interesting band.

Right, my plan for tomorrow (Thursday) night is as follows:

  • Implement “forced debug” function
    • Where, even when debugModeOn is false, we still directly write to the debug log
    • All calls to this method must be expressly removed before any release
    • Use this to debug the fuck out of the onTouchListener() and processClick() methods
  • Create the nine “achievement” badges
    • These will be visible firstly in tourney/championship intros
    • I will figure out where to put them in stats/match history pages
  • Create the five other tournament organisation logos
  • Create the three other gym logos
  • Possibly create three other sponsors
    • Will need to start thinking about distinguishing between fictitious and actual companies, and will need to stress that the actual companies are not actually sponsoring you actual money in actual real life

Simple as that. I might even ask m’lady if she doesn’t mind me spending half an hour on doing the “forced debug” thing tonight, just so I can have a go at solving that “freezing” bug tomorrow.

On Saturday morning, I intend to start putting those badges and logos into the app. It’s going to look smart as yer nana.

Oh well, back to (actual) work…




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