Keeping A Float


I fucked up.

In my haste to “just get anything on screen”, way back at the start of my Androiding, I fell into the trap of using integers to position graphics (well, actually, storing them as doubles until the last minute, and then converting to int).

This is bullshit.

I didn’t foresee the implications of smoothness when it comes to displaying movement – the jerkiness that comes from forcing a float value to decide which whole number it wants to be. I see that now. Which means I have to spend a fair bit of time removing a ton of pointless “doubleToInt()” calls etc. and replacing with a simple cast to (float) – whilst being careful not to inadvertently fuck something else up.

Annoyed at myself.

Anyway, I shall fix that tonight and hopefully see a billion percent improvement in the rendering awesomeness. Or maybe not. I will also be doing a ton of extra graphics (the tourney orgs, gyms, badges and sponsors), and almost certainly a couple of other bug fixes.

Still, ’tis all good. The amount of time and effort that I’ve put into this project, I will be making damn sure I’m proud of it at the end.





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