(Driving Without) Artistic License


Wow, last night was tough going. I did manage to complete all the Tournament Organisation logos that I wanted to do – and some of them still require tweaking, to a certain degree – but everything seems to take so long with so little reward when you’re messing about with images. I am so dysfunctional with all this graphic design nonsense.

I’ve got them all in the app now, though, and it does make the tournament “scene” more varied. I still need to implement that HashMap<Integer, String> which stores the actual proper name of each tournament organisation. But anyway…

I did a couple of those “badges” too, just in basic greyscale “steel” looking form at the moment. I will have them all the same colour for now, and I’ll be putting them in the tournament intros on Saturday morning hopefully. I need to create a HashMap<Integer, String> for these badges too, to provide the name/description of each  one.

Most importantly, perhaps, I swapped a load of “doubleToInt()” calls for “(float)” casting, as planned, meaning that (hopefully) the text rendering is a lot more accurate, and some of the image rendering. I say some because I came up against the brick wall of having to use Rect – as opposed to RectF – for defining the bounds of the rendered image. I need to have a good think about solving that. Where possible, I kept it to the very last minute before converting double x and y values into ints for the Rect boundaries, but it doesn’t feel ideal.

Also, many simple integer based Point objects are being used to store object’s locations. So, to that end, I’ve included a FloatPoint class in the library, but not yet used it. Switching over to that might be a painful and not entirely necessary step right now, but the option is there for the future.

So yeah, that’s where I’m up to. I will do the tourneyOrgNames HashMap and hopefully get the badges working on Saturday morning, just in time for my planned demonstration on Saturday afternoon…





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