And Fell On His “Blank”

wogan daniels blankety blank

Right, this BlankApp is bit more of a task than I had anticipated! I did a ton of work last night, and there is still a ton to do – but, on the bright side, it should give me a solid platform to knock up new apps in no time.

Progress so far:

  • Put loading screen into library and got it running
  • Got screen view working, and put basic background in
  • Included menu nodes, get them on screen (but not in the right place)
  • Erm, tons of other stuff but I can’t think since it’s all “behind the scenes” non-flashy stuff

What I need to do next:

  • Implement auto-build of menu system from menuSystem.txt
  • Implement setupOnTouchListener()
    • With ALL event types catered for, even if it’s just blank holding space for now
  • Set centre point to allow menu nodes to arrange correctly
  • Figure out how to get ZMNode to actually work from the library
  • Implement About screen
  • Implement infoPanes
  • Implement moving background
  • Get logo into intro screen
  • Put showImageSequence() into library
  • Include all sound processing code
    • In library?
  • Remove that artificial delay before even the loading screen is shown!

That should do for now. I’ll probably do this Saturday morning (or even a bit tonight if I’m feeling particularly brave), and look to finish v1.0 some time midweek next week.

I’m looking for the best possible start for MF3d (as I am now calling it). Gotta get it right!




Drawn A Blank


If I get a chance tonight, I’ll create BlankApp – the fully kitted out “bog standard” starting point for all my new apps.

The main features/aspects of which will be:

  • Include loading screen
    • Put this into android library
  • Include all standard onCreate(), onPause() methods
  • Get basic view working and drawn on screen
  • Include basic renderMenuScreen() functionality
  • Include basic menu node(s)
    • Put the node itself into android library
    • Include the listening code that reacts to this
  • Include thread-based double-click prevention
    • Easily test this by attempting to open dialog etc. that will crash a threaded click
  • Keep all the scaling code
  • Keep all useful button locations
  • Extract image rendering stuff to library
  • Keep all the basic sounds
    • Put them in library? Maybe not
  • Implement basic moving background

That should cover it for now. I intend to keep on coming back and improving BlankApp in the future, as each new requirement makes itself apparent.

After v1.0 of BlankApp is done, I will crack on with MS3D.



v0.1.08 In The Bag


Right, I think I’m happy to proceed to filming with this version.

I fixed the issue of the “disappearing OK button”, and spaced the vid editor buttons out a bit better (adding a nice “click” sound whenever they are pressed), so the vid shoot(s) seem to be on track.

While I was there, I snuck in v1.0 of Match Replays, so we’re now getting a herky-jerky representation of whichever match is selected in the Match Replays menu. Lots to fix on that, but it’s essentially done – I’ll put the rest down to “bug fixes“…

So, yeah. Good progress made.

Gonna leave it a few days before I start tinkering with that little side project I alluded to in earlier posts. Methinks I shall enjoy some family time.

And… scene.



Expecting v0.1.08 Any Day Now…

So I produced v0.1.06 over the weekend and immediately realised that I needed to include a toggle button that switches between inverted colour images as a preview in the video editor (to make sure the clothing/background is going to work properly together).

That meant I was producing v0.1.07 last night.

And now, this morning, I’m going over a few things and I realise that the OK button is not present when in “film move sequence” mode, but is present in “film general sequence” mode – totally the opposite of what needed implementing.

So that needs fixing.

Also, the spacing of the nodes in the video editor is a little off, so I need to improve that.

And while I’m there, I will be doing the following tasks, before drawing a line under v0.1.08

  • Actually get Match Replays working
  • Don’t cut off tourney crowd noise until we actually get back to the in game menu
  • Set default cam size to 352 x 288
    • And remove flicker after it’s been set
    • And make sure we catch any crashes if that resolution is not available (auto-setting to the lowest one)

That should do it.



Drawing A Line Under It

Right, my focus (with regards to work) this weekend is to box off v0.1.06 and then give it plenty of time to be tested in the run up to filming on the 16th March. The last tasks I need to do for this version are:

  • Tidy up rest of backup/restore
  • Implement “Film General Sequence”
  • Apply pacing to player anim
  • Implement Match Replay menu properly

Once this is done, I will export as v0.1.06 and stick it on all my devices for testing.

As far as programming goes, between then and filming, I will drop onto a new(ish) project (details of which remain under wraps for now) which I consider to be a bit of a “quick win” – it’s a simple game, already half implemented in Java, that I should be able to get on the app store within a matter of weeks.

We shall see.

Watch this space.




Visual Indication Update

Apart from ironing out the tiniest of creases, I finished off the backup/restore functionality last night, and sorted out the “valid video count” thing, plus fixed a few bugs. Thought I’d just do a visual recap on progress:



























So, I still need to tidy up the backup/restore stuff a little bit, add pacing to the player profile anim, and make some improvements/amendments to the match replays menu, but that will be v0.1.06 completed and I can then take a breath before thinking about the next step.




I Need Backup!


Got a fair bit done last night, in quite a short space of time. Finally started making progress in the backup/restore area, successfully implementing the backup side of things. I should probably include some sort of acknowledgement infoPane after it.

When I implement the actual restore, I will definitely have to include the date to which we are restoring to in the infoPane.

In fact, for both backup and restore, I need to use a confirm dialog in the first place.

I also re-jigged the options/advanced options screens last night, to a more sensible set-up. Since the player can now film their own profile sequence, it makes sense that they are given control over record frame rate and camera size – and a few other things – without being a “Pro” user.

What else? Oh yeah, I fixed a few of those AI issues, so now I can do some deeper testing without it crashing immediately. Still got a few more bits to do before I can tie off v0.1.06 though:

  • Implement the restore functionality (and all required confirm dialogs and infoPanes)
  • Apply pacing to player profile anim
  • Do a bit more on match replay menu
    • Apply yellow highlighting, and pause, to selected item
    • Possibly run through each move sequence, in a basic way, until end – or screen is touched
    • Do a proper background¬† (or just a black rectangle) for the red button menu
  • Implement proper “valid nodes requiring film sequence” count in exploreMode, when nodeHighlightingOn

That should do it for v0.1.06. I’ll save a few other pressing improvements for v0.1.07.