All Systems Go


Really productive meeting with Lee on Saturday, managed to get the app concepts across well enough and he’s agreed to get involved. Quite pleased about that. He was the first person I thought of who’d be ideal to help out, and he’s a humble enough guy – as a soon-to-be purple belt – to be okay with a two-stripe yellow belt running things.

He’s so into his jiu jitsu that he said he didn’t even want paying, which is a nice gesture, but I will definitely be paying him. After asking him to go through all the required sequences (~520 of them) under hot studio lights for many hours etc. it would be extremely rude not to.

I’m going to Jon’s studio on Thursday, to scope the place out, see where we can setup, and probably discuss £££. All the pieces are falling into place now. It really shouldn’t be long before we have all the move sequences in place. It’s nearly heeeeeee-ere!

Right, I shall leave it there for today. Shan’t be doing any work tonight, ’tis my birthday. I’m going to have a nice hot meal, then I’m gonna find your wife, and I’m gonna kill her too *slap in the face* – wait, that was Midnight Run. I’m gonna have a nice meal with the family to celebrate how awesome I am as a human being and all that jazz.





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