Equipment Upgrade

htc-one-screen-540x334.jpg 1363100550

Got meself a nice new HTC One yesterday. I did have my heart set on the iPhone 5S but, being realistic, I’d have been a fool not to opt for the Android phone – with its superior camera to the Samsung S3, and the impending video shoots for the app.

Got a little bit of work to do later, after I’ve got our Elizabeth tattooed onto my hand. In summary:

  • Fix bug where it crashes when you try to change camera dimensions
    • At some point, do proper study of expected Mb capacity required for all sequences, at different image sizes etc.
  • Do 3x Gym Logos
  • Do another Sponsor Logo or two
  • Redo the Choose Gym screen
  • Slight amendments to Tournament Intro
    • Properly assess the “badge” criteria for each player
    • Finish off badge images
      • Including colour coding
      • Probably not ALL tonight
    • Replace massive semi-opaque background text for badges with “small font & echo”, moving
    • Don’t alter location of badge, just shrink it v.slowly
    • Get custom FX for each badge type?
      • Or just a louder “distant boom”?

That should cover it for tonight. I’ll soon be making a proper go at implementing the AI, and I’ll be tying off the sponsorship logic (including when offers are made, and some suitable pricing for each).

Here’s something to think about though: A quick run through of the app on my HTC One showed some issues with the fast rendering of sequences. Basically, it was quite fucking slow.

I think I might be reaching that point where non-threaded “direct load and render” of images from the file system is just not good enough for all devices. I will be making rough plans for implementing a buffering system, see if I can speed this lot up.

I’m out.




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