Gym’ll Fix It


Another screenshot to tantalise and delight, there.

Worked til pretty late last night to get the new improved Choose Gym screen sorted, I think it looks decent.

I’ve already noticed the following issues, but I’m still pleased with it:

  • When starting a new game, before you’ve even chosen a gym, Generic Gym is highlighted
    • Need to default playerGymAffiliation to -1, or something, to avoid this
  • Could do with a confirm dialog when you press on each gym logo before starting new game
    • RELATED ISSUE: We should call globalDisplayRefresh() whenever Android “back” button is pressed, so that nodes don’t remain highlighted when you go back from a popup/dialog
  • Could do with listing top two/three gym-specific skills
    • In small font, between gym name and stars
    • Need to provide actual general extra benefits during training improvement calculation, if the particular skill is a gym speciality
  • Could have certain gyms inaccessible at first, and you unlock them as you progress
  • Could implement varying price scale
    • Show the price on screen
    • Each gym should have a factor that alters base rate of any training improvement, proportional to training cost
      • Could we vary training costs/stars awarded based on competitor performance and overall gym ranking?

That probably covers everything regarding the Choose Gym screen for now. I also fixed the “select camera size” bug, added a further sponsor (“PuriTan”), and made some improvements to the Tournament Intro screen. I was a busy boy last night.

Right, I’m going to reflect on things for the next few days before planning the next move, but I will most likely be considering:

  • AI
  • Buffered image loading
  • Finish off sponsors logic
  • Finish off Tournament Intro completely
    • Finish off all badges
      • Including colour coded finishes
      • And sound sample for each one?
    • Closing screen?
      • A fade-t0-black?
    • Test properly for each player’s qualification for a badge beforehand
  • Start thinking about Championship Intro
  • etc.

Right, that’s more than enough. Gerrrrrtcha!




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