Progress Update

Okay, apologies to Mr. Nimalan, that code I pasted here last time didn’t do the job for me (I had some bitmap scaling issues that I didn’t have the time or desire to solve) so I just used a more simple bitmap copy command. Worked just fine – I will worry about memory optimisation if this particular task ever shows signs of problems in future. So anyway, I am now able to selectively “kill off” identified background pixels.

The technique is not yet perfected, however, with the following issues outstanding:

  • Need to find the correct %age threshold for identifying pixels that match the background
    • I included an option in the video editor to vary this level accordingly
  • Need to take the background image as an average of three frames, instead of just one frame
    • To reduce the significance of one-off noise, and effectively blurring into a more “true” image of what the background actually is
  • Need to figure out how to actually set truly zero alpha pixels, instead of just black (as is happening at the moment)
  • Need to figure out how to crop/resize/arrange into a suitable form for being actually run as player profile anim
    • Need to implement that “Preview Profile Sequence” button
    • Need to get player profile sequence code to attempt to read off the SD card first, before the application data (if the relevant “override” boolean is set)

General issues with video editor:

  • Load/Save does not work in “isProfileAnim” mode
  • Background removal does not work when you reload a not-yet-processed profile anim via “Edit Profile Sequence”
    • Important for when re-loading base image sequence for re-attempting background removal at a different threshold
  • Need to play sequence from the start when sequence is stopped at point B, just as it does when sequence is stopped at the true end of sequence

Got a few bits to do soon with AI also. I’m probably a fair way off getting some really good intelligence from CPU/automated players:

  • Somehow re-initiate choosing of targetMove when resultant aiHashMap is of size 1
    • Need to use another “ignoreList”, but for SPECIFIC nodes instead of general skill name
    • Getting a bit complex, this!
  • In general (ie. non-gameplan) auto-choosing, need to intelligently take into account:
    • Individual skill
    • Energy required (in context)
    • Relative rewards (ie. might it submit and win the match, will it earn you 4 points? etc.)
    • Somehow amalgamate these into “scores” for each option, and assign probabilities accordingly
  • Need to apply increased depth of gameplan for higher belts

General other stuff:

  • Make the top 3 or 4 gyms “locked” until later on in the game
  • Make gym improvements proportional to the fees you pay per session
    • Only during actual gym training – improvements during competition should not be affected
  • Get properly thought out specific skill lists for each gym sorted
  • Actually get 5 other images for the other coaches!
  • Match recording
    • At start of any tournament/championship, delete entire contents of “replays” folder
    • For every match, initially set the currentMatchRecordingFile to:
      • [round title]_[P1]_[P2].txt
        • NOTE: Need to disallow underscores during initial name input, to avoid breaking this
    • Record every move attempt/outcome as:
      • [turn]|[moveID]|[successful]|[points]
    • The final line of the file should be:
      • [winner (0 or 1)]|[method]|[time]|[points_winner]|[points_loser]|face off style]
  • Match replays
    • Need to design red button menu to allow choosing of replays
    • Need to design actual match replay logic
      • How it is run/executed
      • Which booleans control flow/interaction
      • etc.

I think that will do for now. Got plenty left to work on, but still happy with the progress I’ve made. Good times 🙂




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