Player Image Capture v1.0 Completed

As the title suggests, I’ve now got v1.0 of player image sequence capture/editing in place. This includes filming the initial footage, selecting only the specific frames we wish to use, automated background removal and selective cropping to the required proportions.

Really pleased with it already, although I’m tempted to now start adding extra manual pixel delete functions…

Anyway, app v0.1.05 is looking good all round at the moment. The next three tasks, at least in terms of programming/development, are:

  • AI
    • Remove choosing of invalid targetNodes
    • Save up to 3 valid targetNodes on player file(s)
    • Implement weighted choice system
  • Match Replays
    • Implement recording
      • Saving to replays folder (which is cleared pre-tournament)
    • Implement basic red button menu
      • Showing processed match title
    • Implement actual playback
  • Tournament Intro
    • Finish off badge GFX
    • Use proper logic to assign badges
    • Proper conclusion to sequence?

And not forgetting some potential “quick wins”:

  • Finish off Sponsors logic
  • Implement Backup/Restore fully
  • Finish off Coach’s Advice

So there ya go, finish line edging ever closer. I shall keep you (who?) updated on progress, as always.




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