I Need Backup!


Got a fair bit done last night, in quite a short space of time. Finally started making progress in the backup/restore area, successfully implementing the backup side of things. I should probably include some sort of acknowledgement infoPane after it.

When I implement the actual restore, I will definitely have to include the date to which we are restoring to in the infoPane.

In fact, for both backup and restore, I need to use a confirm dialog in the first place.

I also re-jigged the options/advanced options screens last night, to a more sensible set-up. Since the player can now film their own profile sequence, it makes sense that they are given control over record frame rate and camera size – and a few other things – without being a “Pro” user.

What else? Oh yeah, I fixed a few of those AI issues, so now I can do some deeper testing without it crashing immediately. Still got a few more bits to do before I can tie off v0.1.06 though:

  • Implement the restore functionality (and all required confirm dialogs and infoPanes)
  • Apply pacing to player profile anim
  • Do a bit more on match replay menu
    • Apply yellow highlighting, and pause, to selected item
    • Possibly run through each move sequence, in a basic way, until end – or screen is touched
    • Do a proper background  (or just a black rectangle) for the red button menu
  • Implement proper “valid nodes requiring film sequence” count in exploreMode, when nodeHighlightingOn

That should do it for v0.1.06. I’ll save a few other pressing improvements for v0.1.07.




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