Drawing A Line Under It

Right, my focus (with regards to work) this weekend is to box off v0.1.06 and then give it plenty of time to be tested in the run up to filming on the 16th March. The last tasks I need to do for this version are:

  • Tidy up rest of backup/restore
  • Implement “Film General Sequence”
  • Apply pacing to player anim
  • Implement Match Replay menu properly

Once this is done, I will export as v0.1.06 and stick it on all my devices for testing.

As far as programming goes, between then and filming, I will drop onto a new(ish) project (details of which remain under wraps for now) which I consider to be a bit of a “quick win” – it’s a simple game, already half implemented in Java, that I should be able to get on the app store within a matter of weeks.

We shall see.

Watch this space.





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