Expecting v0.1.08 Any Day Now…

So I produced v0.1.06 over the weekend and immediately realised that I needed to include a toggle button that switches between inverted colour images as a preview in the video editor (to make sure the clothing/background is going to work properly together).

That meant I was producing v0.1.07 last night.

And now, this morning, I’m going over a few things and I realise that the OK button is not present when in “film move sequence” mode, but is present in “film general sequence” mode – totally the opposite of what needed implementing.

So that needs fixing.

Also, the spacing of the nodes in the video editor is a little off, so I need to improve that.

And while I’m there, I will be doing the following tasks, before drawing a line under v0.1.08

  • Actually get Match Replays working
  • Don’t cut off tourney crowd noise until we actually get back to the in game menu
  • Set default cam size to 352 x 288
    • And remove flicker after it’s been set
    • And make sure we catch any crashes if that resolution is not available (auto-setting to the lowest one)

That should do it.




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