v0.1.08 In The Bag


Right, I think I’m happy to proceed to filming with this version.

I fixed the issue of the “disappearing OK button”, and spaced the vid editor buttons out a bit better (adding a nice “click” sound whenever they are pressed), so the vid shoot(s) seem to be on track.

While I was there, I snuck in v1.0 of Match Replays, so we’re now getting a herky-jerky representation of whichever match is selected in the Match Replays menu. Lots to fix on that, but it’s essentially done – I’ll put the rest down to “bug fixes“…

So, yeah. Good progress made.

Gonna leave it a few days before I start tinkering with that little side project I alluded to in earlier posts. Methinks I shall enjoy some family time.

And… scene.




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